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Twin-screw plastic extruder machine advantage [2011-06-22]

Twin-screw plastic extruder machine is a highly efficient agglomerating and extruding equipment. Using PVC powder as raw material for a direct forming, the exturders perform an excellent effectiveness.Machines of this series have wide application. With appropriate extruding heads, screws and othera uxiliaries, they are able to directly convert plastics into pipes, plates, bars, films, hollow cross-sectionproducts.

The plastic machine has below advantages

1. Low shearing rate, uneasy degradation.plasticization uniform and agglomeration

2. reliable quality ,wide application range and long servicing life.

3. Automatic temperature control, vacuum gas exhaustion, oil cooled screws

4. Stepless speed regulation,as well as a forced feeding and self-cleaning mechanism.
Twin-screw plastic extruder machine