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Plastic Extruder introduction [2011-02-24]

Plastic Extruder can be accessed by the host Member State in plastic extrusion equipment. other coupling to the wizard. After the development of more than 100 years, plastic extruder, its models of the original twin screw extruder screw bolt amended same.

Plastics extruder can with pipe material, monofilament, cords, packing sheet, profile, etc. are combined to select a number of production facilities in the plastics extrusion. So from this point, we can see that the plastic extruder to obtain a wide application in the plastics industry.

Plastic machine consists of three systems, extrusion systems, transmissions, heating and cooling are.
The extrusion of the extruder is made of plastic screw, barrel, hopper is, nose-and mold. Plastic object passes through the extrusion system and will be rolled into a sort of mixed background.

The screw stem is the main part of the plastic extruder, because it has close relationship with the extruder’s application scale and production efficiency. Generally, the plastic extruder’s screw stem is made of alloy steel with high performance of corrosion-resisting.