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Extruder drive [2011-08-15]

Transmission is the role of driving the screw, screw in the extrusion process supply the required torque and speed, usually by electric motors, reducers and bearings and other components.
In the same structure under the premise of gear manufacturing costs roughly proportional to its dimensions and weight. Because the shape and weight reducer big, mean consumption of materials, manufacture more than the other bearings are used in relatively large, so that manufacturing costs.
The same screw diameter extruder, high speed and efficiency than conventional extruder extruder consumes more energy, electrical power increased twice, the appropriate gear to increase the frame size is necessary. However, the high screw speed, which means a low reduction ratio. The same size reducer, the low gear ratio, compared with the large reduction ratio of gear modulus increases, the gear's ability to withstand the load increases. Therefore, weight reducer size increases, not with the motor power increases linearly proportional. If out of the amount of the denominator, divided by the weight of gear, high speed and efficient extrusion machine thanks to a small, ordinary extruder thanks to a large.
Per unit of production volume, high efficiency extruder motor power and gear weight is small, fast and efficient means of extruder machine manufacturing costs per unit of production than conventional extruder low.