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Plastic extrusion, etc. On the temperature control loop applications [2011-10-24]

According to statistics, modular applications is 20% the average annual growth rate of rapid development. The modular system is the control of multi-loop temperature and other I / O control in an integrated approach, not only to achieve optimal performance control, but also easier to configure, debug archiving project. The control method is device manufacturers increasingly.
varioPLC compact, modular control Danaher (Danaher), the values ​​of the brand of the company in the pma user needs for the plastics industry and features development environment, ideal for a variety of plastic extrusion linecast film equipment, the son and cable equipment, hot runner applications, high precision and high costs for the ideal combination. varioPLC meet in real time according plc plc programming environment standard IEC61131-3, I / O module designed to allow customers the flexibility to provide the required configuration of the installed display driver supports color 5.7-inch or 12 inch the touch screen option. Precise control varioPLC pid is the greatest benefit, the system can support more than 60 PID, can the group two for each argument PID loop can be set to different control algorithms used for the different cooling methods (such as the air, water, oil cooling) for a more precise temperature control.Each module also provides heating loop current control, the protection of heating, and achieve an energy saving effect.

 plastic extrusion plant and varioPLC other control functions commonly used integrated into the CPU, for example, lead screw, position feedback, control pressure melt. In the integrated control with varioPLC can replace the traditional separation of PLC control, temperature control, transmission control, reduces the possibility of errors and interruptions, reduce costs, while significantly improving performance.

In addition varioPLC also offers a wealth of open fieldbus interfaces: Ehternet, Profibus DP, CANopen, Modbus, RS485/RS232, can be done easily with other fieldbus connectivity industry.