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Plastic Machine [2011-09-26]

Plastic MachinePlastic Machine is plastic processing machinery used in various types of industrial machinery and equipment in general. Some of the fluid and solid transport, separation, crushing, grinding and drying, versatile machinery and equipment, also in the plastics processing industry occupies an important position, so often as plastic machine. Modern design and manufacturing plastic machinery, in addition depends on the mechanical engineering and materials science development, especially with the plastic construction is closely related to the progress of theoretical research.
Production process by plastic, plastic machine can be divided into plastics compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic processing machinery and plastic processing secondary auxiliary machinery or equipment other four categories. The degree of perfection of plastic machinery plastic semi-finished products or products directly affect the quality, production and costs, which must be able to adapt to the process of mixing plastic with temperature and stress changes, and the resulting molten material performance changes and adapt to chemical corrosion and mechanical wear and other special conditions. In recent years, special grades of plastics, the development of engineering plastics, composite materials, the emergence of large-scale structure of plastic products, lightweight and thin wall technology to achieve development requirements of plastic machinery: complete for purposes of production of products; high-speed, labor-saving, automation to improve production efficiency products; ensure product quality specifications and the sophistication of the smallest error; low power consumption, small footprint, it is easy and safe operation and maintenance.