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Extruder Experts [2011-11-17]

Plastic extrusion machines with modular production to meet the needs of different users,can effectively reduce new product development cycle, thereby to secure a wider marketshare; and professional production equipment can be extrusion of various systems modulecomponents arranged fixed-point production and even global procurement, so that can guarantee the whole of the quality, reduce costs, accelerate cash flow while also verybeneficial.
Achieve plastic extrusion machine, pvc plastic extruder large scale can greatly reduce production costs, and large-scale twin-screw plastic granulator unit, film blowing machine,pipe extruder, etc. more obvious advantages.
Efficient plastic extruder is mainly reflected in the high-yield, low energy consumption,lower manufacturing costs. In the function, screw plastic extruder, pvc plastic extruder has been used not only for polymer extrusion and mixing process, its use has broadened tofood, feed, electrodes, explosives, building materials, packaging , pulp, ceramics and other fields.
It is reported that the developed plastic extrusion machine, pvc plastic extrusion machinehas been widely used in modern electronic and computer control technology, the entireprocess of extrusion process parameters such as melt pressure and temperature, the temperature of each section of the fuselage, the main screw and feed screw speed, feedvolume, the ratio of raw materials, the motor current and voltage parameters such asonline testing, and using closed-loop computer control. This is to ensure the stability ofprocess conditions to improve the accuracy of the product are extremely beneficial.