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Technology companies to build quality [2011-11-10]


Nine auto parts business, Double Nine Compagnie Plastic Extrusion Line Industry, machinery plant, assembly plant, the Department of Metrology and Inspection Technology Center and September 2 units, while the sword of the photovoltaic production in Anhui Ltd. company's main auto parts business and the development of new plastics, production and sales.
"Technology-based innovation as the first" is the sword of construction companies and development, the thought of the soul. We have this idea of the soul in product development throughout the company and practice of technological progress. Currently, the main products of the company based brake auto parts wheels based forklift machine parts, shock absorber railway products of connecting pipe rail antibacterial, noise and energy savings on a new telecommunications-based plastic material housing. Fittings, Anhui Province won the "Quality Inspection-free product" and "product quality trustworthy" as in the marketing of province, outside the market successfully exported to Southeast Asia and Africa. car parts, truck parts, to obtain products of rail transportation equipment, not only with the key domestic automobile, manufacturers trucks, a full and exported to South Korea, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and other countries, the quality of access to the same domestic customers. "Double Nine" brand was awarded in Anhui Province.