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Method of handling garbage [2011-11-24]

China's current approach of waste, 80% of the city using the existing landfill, landfillmethod is simple, inexpensive, labor, not too high tech. However, with population growth and the extension of time, the rapid expansion of waste, pollution is increasing, growingarea, until the trigger social unrest, the people resisted.
Incineration (low temperature): the coastal economically developed areas in China, somecities waste means using waste incineration power, China's power generation is the use of waste incineration spontaneous combustion heat generation, to obtain high-temperature combustion to fuel injection, our fuel high prices, companies with high temperature fuel injection combustion power generation if the enterprise would be a serious loss. Does not work, if only to maintain the furnace temperature spontaneous combustion waste injection at a temperature around 650 ℃, then produce large amounts of dioxin pollution of the environment. Example: Guangdong Provincial People's Government of Panyu District in Guangzhou, want to build a waste incineration plant, butstrongly opposed by local residents, is currently impossible to implement.
There are few parts of the city proposed waste classification, classification is costly,isolated a large number of plastic processing costs are high, these Plastic Extrusion Line can only beheated to become second-class extruder plastic recycling, but the plastic extrusionmachine is electric Tiger, will consume a lot of power, low price of recycled plastic pelletssecond-class, easy to lose money, waste plastic in the hot melt will cause air pollution.Used for composting kitchen waste, no pollution must be used biodegradable plastic bagscostumes, but the high price of biodegradable plastic bags, poor people's economicability to accept, perform resistance, if using an ordinary kitchen waste bags will bedressed caused by cross contamination, creating a large number of heavy compost, threatening people's health.