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What is PVC Extrusion Line [2012-01-09]


PVC Extrusion Line is a kind of plastic machinery products, except this one, there are plastic pipe production line, plastic sheet production lines. Plastic profile extrusion production line is mainly used in the production of plastic window profiles, plastic decorative sheet, PVC foam profile and other plastic products.
State by co-extrusion molding material
PVC Profile Extruder process by co-extrusion molding material before the state can be divided into two types of co-extruded and after extrusion. Former co-extrusion of two materials is not fully formed in the process of achieving composite molding; after the co-extruded material refers to a fully formed later, and then with another material to achieve composite molding. After co-extrusion is its ability to use waste, better economy.
Material by extrusion
Plastic profile extrusion process can be divided into different materials by extrusion of organic and inorganic co-extruded two types of co-extruded. Former co-extruded material containing organic co-extruded with (such as the fine material and mixing the first co-extruded recycled materials), and former co-extrusion of different materials (such as PMMA and PVC co-extruded before) and after the PVC soft and hard coextrusion; inorganic co-extruded can be divided into co-extruded aluminum and composite steel-plastic composite co-extrusion.
After this focus on co-extrusion, aluminum profile co-extrusion, co-extruded plastic composite profiles and color co-extrusion technology.
After co-extruded plastic profile extrusion process and the traditional first co-extruded (hereinafter referred to as FCE) technique compared with a simple process, application flexibility, low waste, easy recovery, the adhesive strength control and other notable features. Currently the technology is mainly used in the manufacture of doors and windows with with seal profiles.
The traditional first co-extruded Plastic Extruder extrusion molding process technology is a technology. By two or more extruders extrusion in the same mold with different rheological behavior of molten material or a different color, which melt in the mold in their movement within the flow channel, and then die out at the confluence, and shape sets in the vacuum and cooling.