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TheTechnology and Equipment of plastic [2012-03-08]


A plastics directory is a good example of a niche directory. Niche directories are usually more useful for buyers because they focus narrowly on their particular requirements. The needs of the target group can be identified more easily and the directory could cater very specifically to these needs.
While printed paper-based directories might still be published, these days, directories come mostly as online directories. Online directories are quicker and easier to use, and provide much more information needed by prospective buyers. Users of online directories can also get much more information about a supplier’s offers by clicking through to their websites, which is typically just one click away.
Plastics Directory
There are a huge variety of products made from plastics. The number of materials classified as plastics is quite large, and these materials are used to make both consumer and industrial products. Even recycling of plastics has become a big industry as plastic is not biodegradable and recycling could help the environment.
Then there are the incidental services related to plastics, such as consultancy, equipment supply and such.
This volume and variety makes plastics an ideal target for directory publishers.
Organization of a Plastics Directory
A plastics directory is a source for different kinds of information related to plastics. Users would be looking not only for products but also for plastic processing technologies, consultancy services, plastic machinery, trade leads, industry developments and so on. A good plastics directory would provide all these kinds of information.
Such a directory will allow users to search the directory by keywords, say, plastic wall cladding, or go to product categories such as automotive components or construction requirements, material categories such as PVC or FRP, related services such as consultancy or machinery supply, and so on. This allows users to quickly find what they are looking for.
Good directories typically seek to provide even more assistance to their users. There might be sections for Plastic-related Trade Leads, Tenders and Trade Events, Plastic News and Plastic Resources for example.
This complexity would need careful handling to make the directory user-friendly instead of a confusing mass of too many links.
Regional Plastics Directories
Business directories often seek to promote the businesses in particular regions. In such cases, their listings might be confined to businesses in a particular region. There are UK Plastic Directories, Indian Plastics Directories and so on. Sometimes, the directories could seek to promote even smaller regions as when a regional development agency produces listings of local businesses.